Welcome to SWFL Modern Dog Training

Trainer: Robyn Horth


9 years experience working with basic behaviors using Modern Science backed training methods.

Pet Professional Guild Member #41073100

Specializing in ALL things Puppy classes/instruction:

incluces nipping, biting, potty training, preventing nuisance behaviors while teaching puppies to be calm and happy in their environment.   A joy to take to restaurants and for a day at the beach.
Starting at 10 weeks.

Offering classes/instruction:

for those Silly Teenagers who need continued education or a bit of remedial.  This age can be quite challenging and our goal is a pleasant well adjusted adult dog.  But seriously hang on……..Let’s get started earlier rather than later!  Starting at 6 months.

Adult basic obedience classes/instruction:

Great course for newly adopted dogs or adults who missed out on early puppy class.

Reactive Rover instruction for mild leash reactivity:

1 on 1 instruction for Reactive Rovers


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